The Body of Christ has sat back and observed as a generation of people struggle in our communities, churches, and schools. We’ve been reluctant to get involved with politics because it’s not easy, but that is the reason why we must do it. As followers of Christ it is time for us to rise up, be bold and get involved not just this election year but every election year.

Join us for our Mountain Movers event, where the churches of the High Desert come together with local politicians to discuss the future of our region. With over 1,000 expected attendees and over 50 invited community leaders, we will be hosting a time of learning, sharing, and prayerful listening.

In ancient Greek, Ekklesia was a word used to describe the meeting of those called or summoned. In Christian theology, Ekklesia means both a particular body of faithful people, and the whole body of the faithful. Ekklesia is commonly translated in the New Testament as “church.”


Ekklesia Night serves as a place for servants of God to worship God without the responsibility of a church service, to renew your soul and gather together to give thanks to God for their ability to touch the lives of those around them.


Join us for Ekklesia night, Saturday, October 22nd at Spirit Filled Family Church. A night where fellow servants of God can refresh, restore, fellowship and be ministered to as we worship and pray for you.